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1. a little devil or demon; an evil spirit.

2. a mischievous child.

One or both of these definitions probably suit our target members who are readers, authors, and publishers who are looking for more than the standard mystery fare produced by well-known authors through long-established publishing houses.

The goals of IMPS are to identify and encourage readership of quality novels by new mystery authors from independent publishers, to review, classify, and promote new mysteries, and to provide mystery writing education. We recommend attendance at the "Love Is Murder" winter convention in Chicago (if you're brrrrave enough to face the weather) and membership in Off-Campus Writers' Workshop (also based in Chicago but with widespread membership).

From time to time we will feature interviews with authors and publishers. Follow @mysteryimp on Twitter for ongoing exchanges among mystery authors, publishers, and others interested in the world of mysteries. On Facebook visit and "Like" the Richard Davidson, Author page. Blogs of interest are ReadWorthy Books for book reviews on mysteries and more plus Writing Views and Interviews for miscellaneous aspects of writing.

It should be an interesting exposure to fresh and creative mystery-writing talents. We hope you will regularly monitor this site. We also invite you to click on Mystery Writing Tips if you would like to gain insights into the way various writers approach their projects.